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CINECA, through the Italian SuperComputing Resource Allocation - ISCRA, releases Call for Proposals.

CINECA, the Italian most powerful HPC center, twice a year will directly award in excess of 100 millions core hours, to ensure an adequate supply to scientists and engineers for HPC-related research.

CINECA infrastructure offers different HPC resources to its users. The available resources are divided in three categories:

  • The TIER-0, top level computing resources, which is the new LEONARDO machine and can be accessed trough class B and in 2023 also trough C projects.
  • The TIER-1 level, is GALILEO100 (BROADWELL) and can be accessed trough class C and B projects.
    The Big Data resources and new state-of-the-art public CLOUD.
    The data infrastructure
    is available for data analysis, visualization, post-processing, bio-informatics applications.
    The CLOUD infrastructure integrates and completes the HPC ecosystem, providing a tightly-integrated infrastructure that covers both high performance and high flexible computing. The flexibility of the CLOUD will better adapt to the diversity of user workloads, while still providing high-end computing power.
  • The DGX resources:
    Available through ISCRA-C: these projects aim to support researchers in the domain of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and their applications.
  • The Quantum Computing Resources.
    Available through ISCRA-C, CINECA makes quantum computing resources of various kinds available to its users. It will be possible to request machine time on our Tier-0 system to emulate complex quantum circuits (both general purpose and special purpose type) and directly request quantum computing resources (currently of quantum annealing type).

Class B projects are received twice a year. They go under peer-review evaulation and a 3 month delay is expected before your project gets access to HPC resources. For each user it is allowed to have only one class B project each 6 months as Project Investigator.

Class C projects are received through continuous submission and reviewed once per month. An average period of about 15 days is required for activating the project. For each user it is allowed to have only one class C project each 6 months as Project Investigator.

Applications must be submitted in English.

More general info about:

Please direct questions about the application procedure to iscra@cineca.it
Please view a calendar of the next calls for all kinds of proposals (B and C projects).
Results of Calls for Projects: first, second, third.

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