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High Performance Computing platforms for Weather Forecast 

Since September 1993, Arpae has been Cineca’s closest partner in activities related to the national and navy weather forecast service. Cineca won several Community tenders for assignment of services and provision of supercomputing resources for predictive modeling weather and sea organized by Hydro-Climate-Weather service (Arpae-SIMC) of Arpae.
Thanks to the collaboration with Cineca, OGS produces data on biogeochemical analyzes of the Mediterranean Sea through the project “Copernicus: marine environment monitoring service”, a service that provides information at European level on the quality of the sea and on the environmental conditions of seas and oceans skirting the continent. 

Through these partnerships, as well as with Arpae-SIMC and OGS, even with Arpa-Piemonte, CNR and others, Cineca has acquired many skills on predictive modeling both in meteorological and weather-marine who was in relation to the quality control air and seas.  

The service that is usually required in the weather – hydrological field, is coupling the typical problems of supercomputing systems with those of mission-critical services. The operation of a forecasting service that uses supercomputing must operate in unattended mode 365 days a year with strict deadlines and with an expectation of reliability and consistently high infallibility. To provide a service of this kind, each part of the infrastructure must be extremely reliable and redundant in its entirety and the environment must be stable over time and resist any critical event that can compromise its functionality.