Data Science

Cineca HPC infrastructure for big data management

Thanks to the availability of large computing resources and the multidisciplinary skills of its staff, Cineca manages research and development projects focused on the analysis, management and storage of large amounts of data.

The processing of large masses of data is a fundamental process for understanding many physical phenomena, predicting certain behaviours or recognising objects. The development of new technologies, as well as the emergence of new techniques, combined with the availability of large computing resources, has enabled a major acceleration in the study of new methods of machine learning, predictive analysis, and image processing.

Cineca’s activity has always been linked to the management of large volumes of data, which are the products of simulations performed on the HPC infrastructures of the department, to which cloud infrastructure has recently been added.
Over time, the HPC department has had to manage increasingly larger datasets, both to support the users of the infrastructures themselves and in relation to the projects in which it participates in the scientific research and industrial sectors.

The routine activities and participation in major international projects allowed Cineca’s staff to acquire and develop knowledge and expertise in data science technologies, including machine learning and AI, in addition to the storage, analysis and visualization of big data.

Thanks to this expertise, Cineca can support institutions and public administrations, both in Italy and in Europe, in the decision making and strategic planning necessary to face the challenges of our time, including the mitigation of climate changes, the management of risks due to extreme events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and floods, and the fight against pandemic and endemic situations.