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HPC services for technical computing and Technology Transfer activity

The activity of technology transfer is one of the main mission of CINECA and of SCAI department in particular.

A range of services are at disposal of industries that can benefit from HPC, on the basis of a long tradition of high-level quality of services, like:

  • Access to the state-of-the-art systems most suitable for the technical computing;
  • Advanced and deep technical expertise of our staff;
  • Co-developing of customer-specific applications;
  • Continuous support for the entire process or for the project life-time in case of services not included in the catalogue.

Some of the most successfull stories about our technology transfer actions are the long-lasting collaboration with Italian big industries.

Besides the collaborations with large industries, we maintain great attention to the technology transfer actions towards SMEs, being these the skeleton of the Italian and European production system.

The use of methodologies of numerical simulation as support of the design process is sometimes stopped or impeded by the costs of software licences and by the need of computing resources. SCAI is acting as facilitator for large and small/medium enterprises (SMEs), and its Innovation and Technology Transfer actions towards SMEs is highly watchful to the constantly evolving scenario.

For any further info please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your specific needs and to find together the most effective and suitable solutions!

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