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HPC services for technical computing and computer graphics

Cineca can boast a long experience in participating in multidisciplinary teams to transfer skills and technologies typical of the scientific background linked to computer graphics (physics, chemistry, astronomy) to other fields, from the conservation of cultural heritage to meteorology, from urban planning to historical-humanistic disciplines and industry 4.0.

Cineca creates virtual reality, augmented reality and big data visualization projects and solutions to support organizations in scientific and cultural dissemination initiatives with ambitious objectives:

  • Allow access to monuments that would otherwise be inaccessible for safety or property protection.
  • Visualize historical settings or scenarios with philologically accurate reconstructions to break down the visitor’s temporal “borders”.
  • Create virtual museums that bring together objects dispersed in collections worldwide in a single container, making them available to visitors from every nation.
  • Use numerical simulations to visualize virtual space-time scenarios at the service of risk prevention systems, cultural heritage management or industrial production, according to the digital twin paradigm.
  • Create engaging scientific visualizations. Whether it is meteorological data, astrophysics or biology, it is essential to fascinate the public by communicating the correctness and complexity of the phenomena.