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High Performance Computing platforms for quantum computing  

At the end of 2022, CINECA achieved a significant milestone by being selected as the hosting institution for one of the six quantum computers under the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.  

This selection signals an exciting development for the Leonardo supercomputer, which will soon be equipped with one of the most cutting-edge QPUs on the European market: a quantum computer with neutral atoms with a chipset of over 200 qubits, which can be used both as a digital quantum computer and as an analogue simulator.  

To prepare users and facilitate seamless integration, CINECA is already offering its users a wide selection of HPC-ready emulators from among the best and most high-performance codes available today. These emulators allow users to test their quantum computing or HPC/QC hybrid codes in preparation for the future integration of a real QPU.  

 Access to quantum computing resources, emulated on the Leonardo supercomputer, is facilitated through ISCRA calls, offering users valuable hands-on experience with quantum computing emulation. 

 Through the ISCRA project, it is also possible to request computational computing time on real quantum machines in the cloud (not hosted by CINECA). Currently, it is possible to request computation time on the quantum annealer D-Wave, and soon, users will gain access to Pasqal’s quantum computer utilising neutral atoms. This collaborative effort at CINECA promises to propel quantum computing and high-performance computing into exciting new realms of discovery and innovation.