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MARCONI100, the new accelerated system



MARCONI 100 is the new accelerated cluster based on IBM Power9 architecture and Volta NVIDIA GPUs, acquired by Cineca within PPI4HPC European initiative. This system opens the way to the pre-exascale Leonardo Supercomputer expected to be installed in 2023.

It is available from April 2020 to the Italian public and industrial researchers. Its computing capacity is about 32 PFlops.

The production of MARCONI 100 ended in July 2023.


Nodes: 980
Processors: 2x16 cores IBM POWER9 AC922 at 3.1 GHz 
Accelerators: 4 x NVIDIA Volta V100 GPUs, Nvlink 2.0, 16GB 
 32 cores/node
RAM: 256 GB/node
Peak Performance: ~32 PFlop/s
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